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For the Unsung (2012)

“Weeping Silence and For the Unsung is definitely Gothic metal at its best...” 9.5/10 - Sonic Cathedral Magazine

“...honestly speaking, it’s an album which I expected for so long, an album which makes me feel I have hot blood in my veins! Wonderful job!...” 100/100 - Melodic Hard Rock Today Webzine

“This is an excellent record and I definitely recommend that fans of female fronted metal give it a listen...” 4/5 - Festival Photo Webzine

“A majestic offering... it represents one of the best Gothic/Doom releases of 2012.” 8.5/10 - Planet Mosh Webzine

“Met 'For the Unsung' brengt de band een ijzersterk album. De gehele plaat is een absolute mix van gothic doom metal met een mooie afwisseling tussen sterke vrouwelijke vocalen en grunts. Niets is over de top, soms zelfs een klein beetje keurig en binnen de lijntjes die het genre stelt. Is dit dan toch wat teleurstellend? Nee! Absoluut niet, alles zit goed in de mix, vocalen zijn sterk en goed en ook de muziek op zich zit goed in elkaar. Een must have voor elke fan van female fronted metal, maar ook mensen die van ietwat lichtere doom metal houden zullen deze plaat weten te waarderen.” - Metalkrant Webzine

“...The album has a wide variety of different elements on display, which is always tricky to pull off, most bands tend to lose the overall feeling while attempting this, Weeping Silence have mastered the art perfectly … To sum up this awesome album, if you are a fan of female dominated vocal bands with a deep intense atmospheric ambient then this is definitely an album that you should pick up. The version I reviewed is the digipack, which is superb, and after listening to the album 4 times over I have still not grown tired of listening to it yet.” 5/5 - The Metal Review

“...The truth is that Weeping Silence gave me a healthy dose of good old Theater of Tragedy era 'Velvet Darkness'...” 85/100 - Rock Overdose Magazine

“...WS unleash their new grey experience... as if setting free their unspoken words in such a manner that those would never be forgotten...” 8/10 - The Metal Temple

“A towering triumph of symphonic gothic metal, with an incredible immense sound and depth of emotion that stirs the soul, they are destined to send the world of metal ablaze, no longer will they be the unsung.” 9.25/10 - Ravenheart Music Webzine

“...a production that highlights perfectly the various compositions offered. ... a real tribute to the roots of doom/gothic, while bringing on a personal touch...” 7.5/10 - La Grosse Metal Webzine

“Absolutely not a single song is a mistake … but also live Weeping Silence … certainly does a more than good figure.” - Heavy Metal Heaven Webzine

“…[an album] that any metal fan would savor and especially is delivered in honor 'For the Unsung' heroes … that is how strong this album and indeed this band are.” 9/10 - Global Metal Apocalypse Webzine

Theatre of Life

“Fragile, Theatre Of Life calls for you from the window of a rain-soaked cathedral as you silently meander by. Full of thick, doomy guitarwork within a gothic scenery, the band beckons us with promises of hope and the infinite. Vocalist Rachel Grech is softly melodious and crystalline in approach, while Allison Ellul's keys could light up any room with her encapsulating, delicate notes. With pensive bass lines and proud guitar riffs, Weeping Silence's latest album is like a curtain brushing against your face as you read a journal from five centuries in the past.” - Metal Storm Webzine

“Overall, 2011 marks the return of Malta's most loved Gothic Doom Metal band Weeping Silence, who unleash their sophomore album 'Theatre Of Life' to the masses and in sensational style ... this is definitely Maltese Metal album of the year.” 8.5/10 - Global Metal Apocalypse

“Overall, WS’s sound is full, atmospheric, heavy, and evocative. It has everything in it that makes Gothic metal great: gloomy choir arrangements, powerful vocals, heavy guitars, dark imagery, and moody melodies. In fact, this is some of the best Gothic metal I’ve come across in quite some time...” 4/5 - Black Wind Metal Webzine

“...It’s the large sound that hits you between the eyes with this one,that focus on the symphonic that has traditionally been a part of the Gothic of much of Western Europe. … this should satisfy your need for solid Gothic metal, in every way possible.” 9.5/10 - Sonic Cathedral

“...Weeping Silence is a really good band and its really cool to follow the changes musically from album to album, and I already look forward to hear the next album!!” 96/100 - Melodic Hard Rock Today

“...The musicianship, from excellent bass, lead guitar wonders, soothing and at times majestic keys, to precision percussion and drums, rises high throughout this album, making it one of the best released within this genre this year.” 4/5 - Sea of Tranquillity

“WS are the very definition of a band who have paid their dues and deserve success. I along with a host of other reviewers were mightily impressed with ... 2008’s 'End of an Era', but this [2011] album sees them take it to the next level as they look to break out and take on the might of European gothic metal. ...There are eight multifaceted epics containing that unique mix of symphonic, gothic and prog rock/metal with the doom turned into a melancholic atmosphere as they swirl and sweep effortlessly between heavier and lighter, slower and livelier passages, but always with an anthemic chorus at their heart. ...This is an album that grows with every listen, gradually enveloping you in its warm embrace” 9.5/10 - Ravenheart Music

“The bass and guitar permeate a really special atmosphere in the music.” 16/20 - French Metal webzine

“...the band have evolved a little and have changed their sound, as it includes more choirs, symphonic parts and some rockier elements … I find myself enchanted again by the Maltese band and if you don’t mind your Doom Metal mixed with gothic elements, then you’ll also feel the same. Take your headphones and enjoy” -

End of an Era

“Many of the promos we get end up in a pile that are never touched again after a few listens. This album I just found myself picking up again and again.” - Nocturnal Euphony

“The songs are heavy, while still having a dark, mournful quality to them, some of the songs even feature violin … End of an Era is a great debut release from this Maltese band. Whatever you may thing of long epic songs, Weeping Silence are a band that certainly put a lot of hard work and sincerity into their debut and the length of the songs do nothing to hinder the enjoyment of End of an Era it only enhances it.” 88/100 - Femme Metal

“...after receiving the album End of an Era, I have listened many many times to this great band from Malta. The music gets me into a good mood and has a substance and creativeness that I miss from many bands today … each time I hear the songs on this album the better they get! I can't hardly wait to hear what they manage to create next time. So if you're looking for something that stands out in the crowd of female fronted bands you have to check out Weeping Silence!” 98/100 Melodic Hard Rock Today

“I'd love to have something this outstanding dedicated to me when my time comes … this is music that can’t be ignored. It’s not any one part of the package, the vocals, the guitars, and the keyboards, that make it the outstanding package that it is. Instead, it’s the total package, the interaction between the components that bring about a first rate work of symphonic gothic … What there is ... is some of the finest gothic doom metal I’ve ever heard, by some of the finest musicians I’ve ever heard.” 9/10 - Sonic Cathedral

“Vocalist Rachel Grech has a truly magnificent voice, a mix of Marcela Bovio and Sharon Den Adel. They have another album in the can and are looking for a label; they deserve to have companies beating down the door to sign them.” 8.5/10 - Ravenheart Music

“The album lead by the ethereal vocals of Rachel Grech, is an excellent sample of melancholic/atmospheric slow metal that reminds intensely of The Gathering’s ‘Mandyllion’.” 8/10 - Heavy Metal Cosmos

“This is a group that has a lot of promise. The record company sent me a sample of their next album along with this one and I can tell you now, I can't wait to hear it!” 4/5 - Sea of Tranquillity

“Weeping Silence nous propose un metal atmo planant et mélancolique dans la lignée d'un The 3rd and the mortal … Le chant féminin est magnifique et plein d'émotions, avec un timbre et des mélodies qui vous feront penser à The gathering ... Leur second album sort bientôt et promet d'être tout aussi sublime... donc à ne pas rater! A découvrir au plus vite!” 16/20 - Des Filles et Des Riffs

“End of an Era is the name and doom metal is the game. What impressed me from the start is the female vocals which really create a dark gloomy atmosphere like the style of the band demands, but also the power in some tracks with the heavy guitars and the hard pounding drums which are really something! The album consists of a total of forty three minutes which will please everyone and will offer dark moments of listening.” 7/10 - Behind the Veil

“I nostri, evidentemente appassionati di doom anni '90 inglese ma seguaci anche di gothic metal sdolcinato sono fautori di un genere piuttosto accessibile … e ricco di episodi quasi ambient: basti ascoltare le estranianti intro e outro 'spiritiche' in stile Sopor Aeternus … in questo lavoro la serenità è garantita da tappeti di tastiere e dai vocalizzi della cantante, che sembrano rassicurare l'ascoltatore portandolo lontano da questo mondo di tragedie su un percorso lineare fatto di dolci melodie.” 7/10 - Babylon Mag

“It is undeniable that these people are fans of Within Temptation ... The numbers show creativity, and the voice of singer Rachel is different than that of Sharon, sometimes even approaching that of Anneke van Giersbergen.” (translated from Dutch) 73/100 - Zware Metalen

“Malta’s Weeping Silence come announced as Doom Metal of the romantic side, I would say that very catchy Gothic Metal with doomy note hits the nail on the head pretty well, complete with violin and more or less fragile female vocals … Best known member of the band is former Forsaken guitarist Mario Ellul … The style … puts a lot more emphasis on atmosphere than anything else, with lush keyboards preparing the ground for the slow and measured Gothic Metal, where the guitars are mostly used as rhythm instrument, while the keyboard and violin take the lead more often than the six strings, which in those instances are very unobtrusive … While listening to this, I’ve come to the conclusion that Weeping Silence could without problems stand between Within Temptation and After Forever, as they undoubtedly have been strongly influenced at least by the former.” 6.5/10 - The Metal Observer

“Weeping Silence ...exhibit a delectable charm and class that keeps them a cut above the rest with their seemingly gothic inspired branch of doom metal that incorporates a variety of influences and divine instrumentation … The bass, which is distinctly audible, the harmonious female vocals and the exceptional keyboards which oddly contain the most emotive passages, allowing the listener to sway along to this classically inspired section, feeling every twist and turn of the divinity that pushes through the hollow guitars … I’ll be interested to see where they go from here.” - Negative-Existence

“Ambient - Gothic, with incredible female vocals!...” (translated from Greek) -

“...The compositions of the band reveal influences from bands both inside the Doom genre as well as those playing Symphonic Metal. I could describe their sound as close to that of While Heaven Wept with many melodic, acoustic and progressive parts, yet with a very subtle epic element. Also Weeping Silence has many elements in common in the symphonic nature of their songs with those of bands like Nightwish or Epica; that particular side of the band is amplified by the fact that they use a female vocalist who - without any exaggeration - is in the same league of the vocalists of the aforementioned bands. I must also note the fact that Weeping Silence do not only create music that is beautiful but they are also able to write lyrics that could stand independently as poetry. To me, the lyrics sound and feel as an elegy to those that are left behind and their feelings of rejection, abandonment and loss … I can't pick out a song as better than the rest as all of them are on the same level of quality; perhaps 'Darkness In My Heart' which is the darker and most heavy song of the album will be the most appealing song to most of you, but for the people who listen music with headphones and low lights the entire album will keep them good company for long time.” -

Promo2009 (from Theatre of Life)

“Weeping Silence plays Symphonic Power Metal with Goth and Doom undertones. In 2008, the band released their full-length debut, "End of an Era", now Weeping Silence are back with a new 4-song, 25-minute promo CD. The 4-songs contained on the promo CD feature sweeping, epic arrangements and intricately played musicianship. Rachel Grech leads the way with her strong and clear vocal style. The opener, "Promises Broken" begins with a heavy riff and develops into a mid-paced tempo of an opener and immediately the full scope of this talented band is on display. Lead vocalist, Rachel Grech has a nice range as her vocals soar over the excellent musicianship. "Dark Waters" and "Within White Walls" are exceptional as well. The final track, "Innocent Cries" is over 7-minutes long and it brings the CD to a rousing conclusion. I have never been familiar with Weeping Silence prior to hearing this excellent promo CD, but now I am a fan. With their promo CD, Weeping Silence combines all of the elements that I look for in a band. I am sure that Weeping Silence will appeal to fans of the Symphonic Power Metal genre...” 90/100 - Femme Metal

“This promo CD contains 4 tracks from the upcoming album of Weeping Silence ... Note also that a 5th single from that album will be available on the compilation ‘Des Filles et Des Riffs’ Vol.1. I discovered the group with "End of an era" and had been completely conquered by their enchanting music, full of finesse and emotion ... The group continues its momentum with a sweet and soaring atmospheric metal, based on the emotional and the beautiful voice of the singer ... However, we note a certain evolution, with titles a little more on the technical side ... The band also adds a touch of symphonic orchestrations through fairly discrete choirs. We salivate before the main dish! Expected result!” 15.5/20 (translated from French) Des Filles et Des Riffs

“Weeping Silence from Malta is on the path to stardom. This Demo consists of four tracks from their unreleased third album 'Theatre of Life'. Vocalist Rachel Grech has a totally awesome voice, which suits this style of music to the ground. Track one, the 6+ minute 'Promises Broken' is technically brilliant, with a great choral interlude too. 'Dark Waters' sends shivers down my spine, with Rachel's vocals again the star here, although I must say that the overall musicianship from all concerned is nothing short of excellent. Again we have the use of choral arrangements that gives the music that extra lift. 'Within White Walls' is a slower number with an upbeat and catchy chorus, while 'Innocent Cries' ends this great little demo, again using choral arrangements to great effect. I like everything about this little beast, a lot.” 9/10 - Ravenheart Music

“Wow, it seems almost implausible that the sun drenched Mediterranean island of Malta could produce a dark, gothic metal band - and a female fronted one to boot! But Weeping Silence are indeed just that, having existed since the mid 90s and are now on their 3rd album no less, from which the 4 songs are gleaned from this promo CD. They're suitably lengthy clocking in around 6 mins a piece and feature the soprano vocals of Rachel Grech complemented by the atmospheric, orchestral keyboards of Alison Ellul and not forgetting the 4 dudes who ably back them and add the 'heavy' dimension on songs like 'Promises Broken', 'Innocent Cries' and the blissfully melancholic 'Within White Walls'. Although probably unheard of internationally and being isolated geographically, I have to commend the band for nonetheless showing a real measure of maturity, perseverance and quality in their work.” - Battle Helm

“...con una certa fissazione per la musica neo-classica e l’heavy piu melodico e orchestrale, sfornano un dischetto che nulla a che vedere con la pomposità che ci si può immaginare e con i deliri sinfonici di certe band dediti al sound descritto. Opera complessa che svela tutta la sua bellezza un po’ alla volta, con più di un ascolto, ma capace di conficcare freddi spilli nel nostro cuore ... Promo piacevole e per niente superfluo.” 70/100 - The Ship Magazine

“Ormai sulla scena da diverso tempo, gli Weeping Silence tornano a distanza di due anni con un terzo album, “Theater Of Life”, anticipato da un promo di quattro canzoni. La voce di Rachel Grech e le tastiere di Alison Ellul simboleggiano a pieni voti lo stile gothic tipico della band ... Nel complesso l'ep promette bene...” 6.5/10 - Metallus

“‘Promises Broken’ is a good forerunner, airy and dark, where Rachel's voice evokes emotions in me similar to Anneke Van Giesbergen ... ‘Dark Waters’ is more rhythmic and lively, while ‘Within White Waters’ is a pseudo slowish metal, with striking tempo changes. The closing track ‘Innocent Cries’, is a bit retro but deep.” 6.5/10 - Metal Worlds

“...on my desk at Metal Wave is last year’s promo of the Maltese band Weeping Silence … I found it reassuring to hear influences of the genial The Gathering’s Mandylion, only in neo-classical and symphonic characteristics … from this "Promo CD 2009" we get a flavour of what they have in mind, that is moderately long songs, complex, fluid and made even a bit progressive, except that the band prefers the orchestral aspect … Music that is definitely appreciable, but go easy.” 67/100 - Metal Wave

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Opus IV Oblivion

Opus IV Oblivion
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